Beginning Ballet – Level 2 Summer Pre-professional

Beginning Ballet
Ages 7-8
August 5-21 Monday & Wednesday for 3 weeks
6:00-7:00pm $70

Level 1 Ballet
Ages 8+
August 5-21 Monday & Wednesday for 3 weeks
4:30-6:00pm $110

Level 2 Ballet and Modern
Ages 9+
August 5-23 Monday, Wednesday & Friday for 3 weeks
4:30-7:00pm $265

Live piano accompaniment in Beginning Ballet, Level 1 Ballet and Level 2 Ballet.

Levels 3-6 Pre-Professional Intensives

Thank you for the wonderful turnout for auditions on January 27th for the 2019 Summer Dance Intensives. If you were unable to attend on January 27 please contact Liz at for options.

Summer Intensive weeks offer serious female and male students, a highly concentrated curriculum in pre-professional classical ballet training with our accomplished faculty and acclaimed guest artists.

At St. Paul Ballet each student’s individual development is supported through our nurturing environment. It is our passion to develop students for success in performing their best as artists physically and emotionally. Students will learn techniques that reflect the diversity and range required by major American ballet companies today.

Upper Level Intensive 
Ages 13-22
June 10-21 Monday-Friday for 2 weeks
August 12-23 Monday-Friday for 2 weeks
Full day program
Renowned teacher, Lirena Branitski will conduct the technique and pointe classes. Included: Classical ballet technique, pointe, variations and partnering with enrichment classes in character, modern, conditioning, complimentary dance styles and wellness.

Middle Level Intensive 
Ages 12-16
July 8-26 Monday-Friday for 3 weeks
Full day program
Guest masters and faculty of St. Paul Ballet will create the best summer offerings in ballet technique and pointe, variations, character, modern, conditioning, complimentary dance styles and wellness.

Junior Level Intensive 
Ages 10-13
July 8-25 Monday-Thursday for 3 weeks
Half day program
Guest masters and faculty of St. Paul Ballet will create the best summer offerings in ballet technique, repertoire, modern, complimentary dance styles and wellness.

Program schedule and prices published at the end of February.


Dancers must be 10 years of age by June 1st, 2019 to audition. $35 fee for video submissions. We strongly encourage you to audition in person but if this is not possible please submit a video audition to and mail a check for $35 or call to pay by credit card at 651-690-1588. See requirements below.

ACCEPTANCE LETTERS: Acceptance letters will go out at the end of February along with details about the summer program.

SCHOLARSHIPS AND FINANCIAL AID: SPB offers a limited amount of need-based financial aid. Students who are awarded need-based scholarships will be notified in their acceptance letter. Please do not submit an application until you have received acceptance to the St. Paul Ballet Summer Intensive.

Please keep your video about 10 minutes in length and perform the following:
Barre: (One side only)
Plie in 1st and 5th
Grand Battement
Pirouette combination (for men include tours en l’air)
Petit Allegro (for men with beats)
Grand Allegro
Pointe work:
Releve in arabesque
Diagonal combination
Pirouettes on pointe (age 13+ only)
NOTE: Show one side only. Make sure you film the entire dancer (no close ups). Video the dancer directly, not into the mirror.

Do you offer scholarships? Yes, we offer need-based scholarships. Please complete the application and mail, email or bring it to our studios at: 655 Fairview Avenue N., St. Paul, MN 55104