Leah Gallas, Ballet Instructor

 Leah Gallas has been a professional dancer for the last 19 years. Her professional experience includes being a member of Colorado Ballet, Dayton Ballet, Virginia Ballet Theatre, Minnesota Ballet, Tulsa Ballet and most recently James Sewell Ballet.
Leah has performed many roles in various classical and contemporary ballets including ​Swan Lake​, SleepingBeauty​,​Cinderella, Stanton Welch’s B​ruiser​, Balanchine’s​ Serenade, BenStevenson’s​ Dracula and Paul Taylor’s ​Black Tuesday​, among others.
Leah received the majority of her training at Ballet Arts Minnesota studying primarily under Bonnie Mathis and Lirena Branitski while also spending summers training at the San Francisco Ballet School and the Boston Ballet School on full scholarships.
Leah‘s teaching experience includes Woodbury Dance Center, TU Dance, Ballet Royale Minnesota, Saint Paul Ballet, Saint Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists, as well as teaching private lessons throughout the Twin Cities.