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Used Costumes and Props for Sale

Please contact Brennan Benson with any questions about these items. If an item has a labeled size, it is notated on the list below.

Adult Tiger Lily Dress (Peter Pan) Small
Medium Large
 (1) Tan Leotard (2) Crop vest, beaded trim, fringe around neck (3) Knee length skirt  1

Adult Brown and Tan Dress (Peter Pan)  Small
Medium Large
 (1) Knee length suede tunic with fringe on neck and bottom (2) Shorts  4 (2 brown, 2 tan)
   $30 each or $90 for all 4  

Mermaid Queen (Peter Pan) Small
Medium Large
 (1) Fitted bodice w/ shell appliqué (2) Skirts “tail” (3) headpiece (4) jewelry  1
Mermaid Girls (Peter Pan) Small
Medium Large
 (1) Royal Skirts “tail” (2) jewelry  7
   $5 each or $25 for full set  
Mermaid Teens (Peter Pan) Small
Medium Large
 (1) Fitted bodice (2) Skirts “tail” (3) shell headband (4) jewelry  9
   $25 each or $200 for full set  
Mermaid Adults (Peter Pan) Small
Medium Large
 (1) Fitted bodice w/ shell appliqué (2) Skirts “tail” (3) coral headpiece (4) jewelry  7
   $25 each or $150 for full set  
Unfinished Bodices and Fabric Small
Medium Large
 3 unfinished bodices
 extra fabric and appliqués  price TBD  

Hand painted Neverland Map Drop for Peter Pan
 1 full stage size (40’x 22′)
 $500 or best offer

Hand painted Toyshop Drop
 1 full stage size (40’x 22′)
 $1,000 or best offer


Prop Card Box frame (dancers enter from box)
 36″ wide
 $50 or best offer






Victorian Upholstered Chair-Christmas Carol
 $50 or best offer


Victorian Cash Register-Christmas Carol
 $70 or best offer

Victorian High Desk-Scrooge & Cratchit
 2 – accessories included (pens and books)
 $100 each, $160 as a set

Victorian Wood Stove-Scrooge & Cratchit
 1- on wheels, includes black “metal” coal bucket with prop coal
 $150 or best offer



Fireplace-Christmas Carol
 1- on wheels, removable back and hidden compartment for battery installation (No wood insert as shown)
 $200 or best offer






3 Piece White Suit-Tiny Tim Small
Medium Large







Black Women’s Suit Coat & “Rayban” sunglasses and plastic black fedoras for jazz dance Small
Medium Large
 (“Blue’s Brothers”) 2 8 2
$15 $15 $15

Men’s Contemporary 2 Piece Brown Velvet Set with Red Belt Small
Medium Large


Toy Soldier Outfit with Fuzzy Hat Small
Medium Large