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Used Costumes and Props for Sale

Please contact Brennan Benson with any questions about these items. If an item has a labeled size, it is notated on the list below.


3-piece Adult Court Dresses with wig (Cinderella) Small
Medium Large
 (1)Bodice (2) Floor length, open front skirt and (3) underskirt 8 of various colors with Marie Antoinette wig
  $35 each or $200 for full set of 8  

Adult Tiger Lily Dress (Peter Pan) Small
Medium Large
 (1) Tan Leotard (2) Crop vest, beaded trim, fringe around neck (3) Knee length skirt  1

Adult Brown and Tan Dress (Peter Pan)  Small
Medium Large
 (1) Knee length suede tunic with fringe on neck and bottom (2) Shorts  4 (2 brown, 2 tan)
   $30 each or $90 for all 4  

Mermaid Queen (Peter Pan) Small
Medium Large
 (1) Fitted bodice w/ shell appliqué (2) Skirts “tail” (3) headpiece (4) jewelry  1
Mermaid Girls (Peter Pan) Small
Medium Large
 (1) Royal Skirts “tail” (2) jewelry  7
   $5 each or $25 for full set  
Mermaid Teens (Peter Pan) Small
Medium Large
 (1) Fitted bodice (2) Skirts “tail” (3) shell headband (4) jewelry  9
   $25 each or $200 for full set  
Mermaid Adults (Peter Pan) Small
Medium Large
 (1) Fitted bodice w/ shell appliqué (2) Skirts “tail” (3) coral headpiece (4) jewelry  7
   $25 each or $150 for full set  
Unfinished Bodices and Fabric Small
Medium Large
 3 unfinished bodices
 extra fabric and appliqués  price TBD  

Hand painted Neverland Map Drop for Peter Pan
 1 full stage size (40’x 22′)
 $1,000 or best offer







Black Women’s Suit Coat & “Rayban” sunglasses and plastic black fedoras for jazz dance Small
Medium Large
 (“Blue’s Brothers”) 2 8 2
$15 $15 $15








Victorian Upholstered Chair-Christmas Carol
 $50 or best offer


Victorian Cash Register-Christmas Carol
 $70 or best offer

Victorian High Desk-Scrooge & Cratchit
 2 – accessories included (pens and books)
 $100 each, $160 as a set

Victorian Wood Stove-Scrooge & Cratchit
 1- on wheels, includes black “metal” coal bucket with prop coal
 $150 or best offer



Fireplace-Christmas Carol
 1- on wheels, removable back and hidden compartment for battery installation (No wood insert as shown)
 $200 or best offer






3 Piece White Suit-Tiny Tim Small
Medium Large

Men’s Contemporary 2 Piece Brown Velvet Set with Red Belt Small
Medium Large


Toy Soldier Outfit with Fuzzy Hat Small
Medium Large



Full-length cream satin dress with off-the-shoulder bodice and separate skirt w/ flower head piece Small
Medium Large