Friday, November 8th, 4:00 pm-10:00 pm

Come see what CO•MOTION is all about!

On Friday, November 8 from 4pm to 10pm, we’re throwing open our doors to everybody who’s ever wanted to try something new, take a step in a new direction, approach their health in a bold new way, embrace their body and their community to experience what amazing things they can do with guidance and support.

Bring your friends and family and experience mini-sessions in CrossFit, Dance, Yoga, Drumming, Boxing, Exercise and other great movement practices. All mini-sessions are provided by the CO•MOTION Collective.

Enjoy music, food and fun!

Biking or train? just 3 blocks north of the Fairview LRT stop. Driving? We have free parking!

An event for all ages, everyone is welcome!

More about how we got here:

Saint Paul Ballet is a non-profit providing excellence in dance education and performances since 2002.

In 2013, we rewrote our mission to promote individual development, value all body types and most importantly, bring inclusion to the forefront. Our new vision was to lift the human spirit through the art of ballet.

In 2011, Element Gym was established with a mission to use boxing as a resource for good and keep kids off the streets. In 2016, Element became a benefit corporation, to further showcase its mission and drive for impact—an entity best known for its for-profit structure and its philanthropic mission.

After moving out of a single ballet studio above a hardware store on Grand Ave, into multiple studios at Element Gym, our two organizations and our people – dancers and boxers— got to know each other. We built solid relationships and eventually performed on stage together.

We found out very quickly that we were more alike than we were different!

Together, we wanted to create access and impact in the community by helping individuals become the best version of themselves through a variety of movement disciplines and provide:

  • access to local professional artists and athletes right in our neighborhood
  • art that fires up our creativity and gives people of all ages ways to express their aspirations
  • after school programming in a safe environment
  • arts and athletics that the schools may not be able to offer
  • health and wellness for everybody

Movement has no boundaries of language or education and art speaks to our spirit. As humans, we crave connection and community. We wanted to create a place where people are accepted as they are, even if they are not where they want to be yet.

Since 2015, we’ve been actively forming a collective with majority women and minority owned or managed businesses and organizations… along with leaders from arts, sports, health, and wellness groups… all working together in only 13,000 square feet.

What began as a dream for more space, quickly turned into a reality when developers purchased our current building and we were able to expand without changing our address.

Now in Fall of 2019, CO•MOTION Center for Movement has opened. It is a 39,000 square foot movement arts, athletics and wellness hub located in the Midway of Saint Paul. With a shared lobby, large open gym space, high ceiling dance studios, locker rooms with showers, and even a performance space we want to become a destination for excellence and inclusiveness.

Already CO•MOTION is not just a space, it’s a community! We are looking for movers… who are curious, act with generosity and want to build a world of beauty, equity and diversity we have not yet seen. Movement represents hope. Join us!

[Read about our 18-month journey in the Artspace Immersion grant program in their Fall Quarterly on pages 9-10]