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How do I register?
Registrations will be accepted for the school year beginning in July. Classes begin Tuesday, September 5, 2017.

          • Drop-in Programs Register online: Once registered, you may purchase drop-in class cards. If you are registering a child, please enter the child’s name as the main contact. The email and phone in the contact section is the primary means for communication. After you register, you will be emailed a login and password for the account. You may purchase class packs online with a credit card or bring a check or cash to the studio to purchase.
          • Full-Term Programs Pre-register online: Once pre-registered, you may call or visit the St. Paul Ballet Registrar to complete class selection and payment. Select the term class as your main interest. If you are registering a child, please enter the child’s name as the main contact. The email and phone in the contact section is the primary means for communication. After you register, you will be emailed a login and password for the account. To pay tuition by credit card call 651-690-1588. If you pay by check or cash please bring it to the ballet office.
          • Register by mail: Pre-register online and mail to SPB with a check for the tuition for the year or a class pack in the Drop-in Program. Mailing address: Saint Paul Ballet, 655 Fairview Ave. N., St. Paul, MN 55104
          • Register in person: Visit the SPB studios, Monday-Thursday from 4:00pm-7:30pm or Saturdays 9:00am-1:30pm. NOTE: If you are unable to pre-register online you may do so in person.
            1. Tuition:
              Tuition (See Classes page for Annual or Drop-In tuition fees). Payments can be made with Cash, Check, or by Credit card. Please make checks payable to SPB. Visa, Mastercard, and Discover are all accepted. Note: You will receive a discount for paying with check or cash.
            2. Dance wear:
              Dancewear Order Form 2017-18 
              (Complete and bring to Grand Jeté store for purchasing. 975 Grand Avenue, St. Paul 651-227-0331)
            3. Please read and keep for your personal reference: Policies and Rules
            4. If you wish to sign up for automatic charges for semester or monthly payments please see the Registrar at the studio.
            5. Performance fee: In October 2017, a $40 fee will be assessed for students participating in the holiday show. In February of 2018, a $40 fee for Beg.-Level 6 OR a $25 fee will be assessed for young dancers participating in the Spring Showcase. This fee helps defray the costs for cleaning/repair/replacement of costumes in SPB’s inventory.
            6. Volunteer requirement: Parents/guardians of semester or full-term students have the option of volunteering a minimum of 4 hours per semester during performance production weeks OR paying a fee of $100 per semester.
            7. Attendance: Consistent attendance is taken into consideration for participation in performance opportunities and casting.

Students with incomplete registrations will be placed on a waiting list. If you have any additional questions, please call 651-690-1588 or email the

What level am I in?
Check with the School Director, Laura Greenwell if you are uncertain about which classes or programs to register for or if you have questions about class placement. If you are new to SPB you may be asked to take a placement class during one of our regularly scheduled classes. Call 651-690-1588.

Where are classes held?
655 Fairview Avenue N. in St. Paul. Just three blocks north of University Ave on the west side. Ample free parking in lot.

What do I wear?
The dress code for the children’s and pre-professional programs is listed under class descriptions. Please download the Dancewear Order Form 2017-18 for details and prices.


How much is tuition?
Tuition can be found at under SCHOOL>CLASSES

The program is designed for a full academic year of training from September 6, 2017 through May 25, 2018. Tuition must be current on the first day of class. Students will not be able to take class if payment is past due. Payments past due will be assessed a $25 fee.

  • Tuition is nonrefundable and nontransferable. No refunds will be given once the class registered for has begun.
  • Withdrawing from a class: Students must notify the School Director, Laura Greenwell to withdraw from a class. If the student is a minor, a parent must notify the School Director.
  • Credit for tuition or extensions on class cards are given only in cases of injury or serious illness where medical documentation is provided.
  • A $25 fee will be assessed on all returned checks.
  • Classes missed in Beginning-Level 6 are required to be made up within two weeks in an equivalent level or next lower level within the same genre.
  • Sibling Discount: 5% off the lower tuition in Children’s Program; 10% off the lower tuition in Pre-Professional Program.
  • Monthly Payment Plan: Enroll with Registrar. Tuition will be drawn by semester OR monthly per agreement.

Do you offer scholarships?
Yes, on a limited basis. Applicants must complete the Scholarship Application. Financial Aid awarded for the St. Paul Ballet school year.  Scholarships may be used for the duration of the program year or on a short-term, temporary basis, as determined by the scholarship committee. All applications will be considered by the St. Paul Ballet scholarship committee. Contact the School Director, Laura Greenwell at for an application.
Financial Aid Criteria: Age and Level, Merit, Commitment and Financial Need.

Do you offer work study?
SPB Clean for Class Program
The Clean for Class Program at the School of SPB offers financial assistance to pre-professional students 14+ or parents of students who are interested in working in exchange for reduced tuition. Shifts are flexible Monday through Saturday. This program operates by using motivated and reliable participants to clean the studio mirrors, lobby, and dance floors in exchange for $8 of credit towards their tuition per hour worked. You may work a maximum of 4 hours a week. You must be able to keep a regular schedule of cleaning hours. We’d love for you to join our SPB family. To apply, please contact the studio:
Phone (651-690-1588)
Email ( or
In-person (655 Fairview Avenue, St Paul)

Are there performance opportunities for students?

  • Holiday performances of Clara’s Dream December 1-3, 2017 (Beg. Ballet – Level 6) and excerpts from Clara’s Dream Dec. 17, 2017 (Levels 3-6). Casting is at the discretion of the Artistic Director.
  • During the final week of December, the Young Dancers ages 4-6 will have an in-studio showing for parents and families.
  • Spring Showcase May 11-12, 2018: This performance is for students in the Young Dancer, Boy’s Club and Full-term programs. Tickets will be on sale in March 2018.
  • Other opportunities for Level 5 and 6 students will be announced throughout the year.
  • Performance fees (These fees help defray the costs for cleaning/repair/replacement of costumes in SPB’s inventory):
    – In October 2017, a $40 fee will be assessed for students participating in Clara’s Dream.
    – In February of 2018, a $40 fee will be assessed for Beg.-Level 6 students participating in the Spring Showcase
    – In February of 2018, a $25 fee will be assessed for Young Dancer students participating in the Spring Showcase
  • Parent Volunteers in Levels Beginning through Level 6:
    – Parents, guardians or other relatives are asked to volunteer a minimum of 4 hours per semester during performances
    – An alternative to volunteering is to donate $100 to cover the cost of hiring staff to work during volunteer shifts
    Dear Parents, One of the things that makes the School of St. Paul Ballet so special is that there are so many people who are willing to give their time and talent to volunteer. I would like to thank all of you who support your children everyday and share them with us. You are truly appreciated and a very important part of our school community. Thank you so much for all that you do. —Laura Greenwell, School Director


  • Twice a year in December and May the School of St. Paul Ballet provides conferences for all students in Beginning Ballet through Level 6.  These are 15-minute conferences for the student and their parents with their primary teacher(s.) The conferences provide students and their parents with helpful information about their individual progress and is a time to ask questions and discuss recommendations from teachers for the remainder of the year (December) or the summer months and following year (May.)

What are the studio policies? (Policies, Rules, Calendar 2017-2018)

The School of St. Paul Ballet does not discriminate in admissions, employment or student enrollment on the basis of race, creed, sex or national origin.


                      1. All students are expected to arrive on time, dressed for class and ready to learn.
                      2. Students in the Pre-professional program are expected to attend every class in the level to which they are assigned.
                      3. To prevent injury, students who arrive after the beginning of class will likely be asked to observe. The class instructor will let a student know if they are too late to participate safely. Students in Beginning Ballet and Levels 1-6 will be asked to take notes during observation. Observation is also an important learning tool and can be very helpful to a student.
                      4. Please notify the school office of all absences prior to class time. Anticipated absences (school or family conflicts) should be reported in writing at the beginning of the session.
                      5. Absences due to illness, injury or special circumstances will be excused; however, tuition will not be refunded. If a minor student becomes ill during class they must remain in the main studio or in the lobby area until a parent has been contacted and pick-up arrangements have been made.
                      6. Make-up classes should be taken within two weeks within the same discipline. For Pre-Professional students, make-up classes are to be in the next lower level. There is no additional tuition charge for make-up classes in the Pre-Professional division.


                      1. Eating and chewing gum are not allowed in the studio during class time. A pre-filled bottle of water may be brought into class for hydration.
                      2. If you have a cell phone, ensure it is turned off prior to beginning class.
                      3. Valuables including electronic and digital devices should not be left unattended in the dressing rooms. SPB is not responsible for lost valuables
                      4. Street shoes are not allowed in the studios.
                      5. Students are expected to respect the facility and clean up after themselves in the studio and dressing room.  Parents may wait for their children in the lobby area.


                      1. For children under 18: Parent involvement plays a key role in creating a safe and enjoyable experience for children. The well being of our students is a priority at SPB so we encourage parents/guardians to review safety concerns with your child. For dancers ages 4-7 we require that parents drop off and pick up their child in the studio. If someone other than the parent/guardian is picking up the dancer, SPB must have prior notification.

                      2. Please pick up your dancer on time. We understand delays may happen, especially in the winter, and request that you call the office if you will be late.

                      3. St. Paul Ballet reserves the right to suspend or dismiss any student whose attitude or attendance is found to be unsatisfactory or who engages in disruptive or disorderly behavior, who uses inappropriate language, or who uses illegal drugs or alcohol on the premises or at off-site performance/rehearsal spaces. In such a situation the School Director will be immediately contacted and the student placed under supervision until his/her parent/guardian has arrived (an adult will be escorted off the premises). The student/adult will be readmitted to the class/performance only after approval of the School Director. NOTE: If unsafe or negative behavior occurs from a minor during a performance, the parent/guardian (or a representative of SPB in their absence) must remain to supervise the student during the performance.

                      4. Our facility is a smoke-free environment.

                      5. Valuables including electronic and digital devices should not be left unattended in the dressing rooms. SPB is not responsible for lost valuables.

                      6. Emergency Closure: In the case of inclement weather or other unforeseen events, SPB will make an announcement by 1:00 pm on weekdays regarding school closure. The announcement will be on the SPB voicemail, (651) 690-1688 and SPB website at


                      1. Free parking in the lot at 655 Fairview Ave. N. all along the south side of the warehouse.


May I watch class?
Observation of classes is not generally permitted in Beginning Ballet through Level 6. Prior arrangements must be made with the School Director to observe these classes. Parents will be invited to observe their child’s progress during Parent Observation Weeks.

It is appropriate for parents to ask the question, “May I watch class?” Yes, you want to know how the teacher interacts with the students and whether the material is appropriate for your child. But we have found that when parents observe classes:

  • Young children may be easily distracted and, some are shy and do not like to be watched by strangers.  
  • It is very difficult for the teacher to focus on their work with the children if they are also trying to connect with a visitor or parent.   
  • Also, what you might see in any one class on a given day is only a snapshot of the entire class. It may or may not be typical of that group of students, or of how your child’s class level might work.      
So what does a parent do?   
  • Do meet with your child’s teacher and the School Manager. Your insight into your child will help the School Manager and teachers determine what he/she might be ready for in terms of dance.  
  • Students and their parents will receive an assessment at the end of the first semester and at the end of the school year. Parents are encouraged to schedule a conference with the School Director at any time they feel necessary.


When are classes cancelled?

SNOW DAYS/CLASS CANCELLATIONS/HOLIDAY SCHEDULES For any questions related to class cancellations, please call St. Paul Ballet at (651) 690-1588 for an automated message which includes information relating to inclement weather, holidays, and any other event that might result in class cancellation.

In the event of inclement weather, information will be posted on the website, Facebook and Twitter and updated throughout the day on the voicemail recording. Be sure to check regularly.

Class cancellations may differ from public school closings.

Because many of our students travel long distances to attend classes, we encourage parents to use their judgment and to respect any posted snow emergencies for the areas through which they must travel.

Classes canceled by the School of St. Paul Ballet due to inclement weather, or classes missed due to prohibitively dangerous driving conditions may be made up as defined in MAKE UP CLASSES policy.


May I make up a class?

Students in Levels 1-6 are required to make up missed classes.

Absences due to legal holidays, religious holidays, bad weather, or regularly scheduled classes cancelled for any reason by School of the St. Paul Ballet are eligible to be made up. Students may attend a makeup class in a level equivalent to or one level below their current level and must schedule it within their respective programs. Please call the studio to let us know you will be attending a makeup class. Student must sign in with the Receptionist before class to have the class counted as the required makeup.


When are rehearsals?
Students involved in performances should check the: REHEARSAL CALENDAR


How can I volunteer?
You can help support the ballet through volunteering at performances and events. Sign up at the studio by calling 651-690-1588.
Open House August 26, 2017
Holiday Production (Nov-Dec 2017)
Ballet Tuesdays (Oct 2017-May 2018)
Spring Student Showcase (May 2018)