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St. Paul Ballet is unveiling its newest specialized summer 2018 training workshop, the SPB Company In-Residency Program!

With participation in this program, three professional company dancers from SPB with come to your studio to give challenging classical and contemporary ballet training in tailored, customized classes based on your studio needs.

The SPB Company In-Residency Program is offered in one, three or five day workshops this summer. Classes may include ballet, pointe, classical repertoire, men’s technique, pas de deux, contemporary choreography, variations, nutrition, dance history, conditioning for dancers, yoga for dancers, and other specialized lectures such as “how to audition,” and “mental tips for better performances/competitions.” Studio dancers will create a connection with this professional dance company and school.

To reserve SPB company staff for this program please contact SPB Artistic Director, Zoé Henrot

In-Residency Program Class Options:

Ballet Technique
Pointe Technique
Classical Repertoire
Contemporary Choreography
Men’s Technique
Pas de Deux
Dance History – “Where did ballet come from?”
Nutrition – “Food as Fuel”
Conditioning for Dancers
Yoga for Dancers

Studio Package Prices:

One-Day Intensive (5 hours) – $900-1000
Three-Day Intensive (5 hours/day) – $2,400-2,600
Five-Day Intensive (5 hours/day) – $4,000-4,300

Should studios interested in this Company In-Residency Program be over 80 miles from St. Paul, MN, Company Artists will need housing for the duration of the residency, a $50 per diem, and milage compensation