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Congratulations to Andrew on his Sage Award

SAINT PAUL, MN (October 17, 2012) Andrew Lester wins Sage Award. Just announced: Andrew Lester has won a 2012 Outstanding Performer award for his performance in One by Joseph Morrissey in Saint Paul City Ballet’s Company at the McKnight January 2012 and for his performances in Family and Anytown by Shapiro & Smith Dance. Visit for more information about all of the award winners. StarTribune article

Andrew Lester and Jennifer Rockwell in One by Joseph Morrissey at Ordway’s McKnight Theater, January 2012. Photos: Lori Gleason ©2012 Saint Paul City Ballet

Andrew is one of Saint Paul City Ballet’s first company members. When he was 11 years old a theater director, who recognized Andrew’s exuberance, suggested he take dance. Andrew loved how dance was like a live-action story and threw himself in wholeheartedly. It wasn’t long before he found himself at the University of Minnesota as a dance major. He craved additional classical ballet to compliment his modern training and found his way to Saint Paul City Ballet. Andrew says dancing with SPCB gives him the chance to make classical ballet a living, breathing thing and also push the boundaries of ballet. One of the most powerful experiences for Andrew is teaching. He is humbled by the impression he may leave on the hearts and minds of his students and is truly grateful for the chance to give back what he has received in life. During Andrew’s time with SPCB he has danced with Merce Cunningham, performed in Italy for Anna-Marie Holmes and most recently won the 2012 Outstanding Performer of the Year Sage Award for his performance of One by Joseph Morrissey for a level escortsприкольные чехлы для iphoneкупить чехлы для iphone 5s