Thank you for your donation!

Your donation gives life to the work we do and brings joy to those we serve.  Every donation goes directly to supporting our programs, faculty and outreach events.  Because of you, we can do everything from buying dancing scarves for bilingual young dancer class to keeping the lights on for our pre-professional dancers who train five days a week.  Your donation allows us to fill a little snow flurry with wonder as she sees her first stage spotlight, as well as delight a second grader as he tries out plies in a boxing gym during our free Boys Class.

Thank you!

With warmest regards and wishes for you for many blessings this holiday season,

Lori Gleason, Executive Director

P.S. Please call me (Lori) at any time at 612-203-9055 if you have questions, would like an update on what we’re doing, or wish to volunteer. We would love to meet you in person so we can say thanks, face-to-face.