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Ballet + Boxing FINAL from Maribeth Romslo on Vimeo.


For the past three years, St. Paul Ballet and Element Gym have discovered shared values, including a deep sense of commitment to their community, a passion to increase access to underrepresented and marginalized populations, and a desire to promote physical and mental wellness.

An incredible partnership has blossomed, and both organizations are excited to work together far into the future. To do this we need a space that meets the needs of artists and athletes.


St. Paul Ballet and Element Gym are harnessing the strength of our non-profit arts organization in collaboration with our for-profit benefit corporation. We believe this business model will give flexibility for earned revenues, community investment and financial stability to give back to the surrounding neighborhood and the greater community over many years.

This is not merely an idea, but a working model that needs room to grow.


This center for movement will serve all ages and be a safe community in which to experience the transformational benefits of beauty, creativity, hard work and dedication.

A place for professionals to hone their craft and for everyone, no matter what their experience level to interact with them because “if you can see it, you can be it.”

Our goal is to create a center with ballet studios, boxing training rooms, showers, locker rooms and shared spaces:

• A community lobby with local visual artist’s work on the walls, comfortable seating for lounging, doing homework, reading and gathering space for people in the community.

• An event area for performances as well as boxing exhibitions with lighting and flexible seating for 150.

The center for movement will makes us more vibrant organizations that are responsive to the community we serve: professional dancers and athletes, students, seniors, children, families and the community.

Watch for more news here and on our social media as this effort develops.

If you’d like to know more or to be involved in this effort please contact Lori Gleason at or Dalton Outlaw at