SPB@25: The Nutcracker Reimagined

Nutcracker Reimagined performances were filmed and edited by Caitlin Hammel, Twin Cities filmmaker.

December 1 & 2, 2023

St. Paul Ballet’s 25th anniversary performances were a celebratory affair, brimming with holiday magic and seasonal brilliance, crafted by St. Paul Ballet.

The enchanting journey begins with a Christmas Eve party where Uncle Drosselmeyer, a gifted toymaker, captivates everyone with lifesized dolls and unveils a one-of-a-kind Nutcracker.

As the party ends, the magic is just beginning. For just one night, we travel through the Nutcracker’s world where Snowflakes dance, a Sugar Plum Fairy reigns over a Kingdom of Sweets, and fantastical residents from around the world entertain us before dancing flowers swirl and leap to wake us from our dream.

Embark on this magical journey with our youth company, where the term “youth” doesn’t accurately capture the remarkable skill and accomplishment of these young dancers. Joining them are guest dancers from CAAM Chinese Dance Theater, offering a scene from Beijing Opera that showcases the unique style and distinctive attributes of Chinese culture. Ethnic Dance Theatre also graces the stage with their Russian snows and Hungarian dance, celebrating the inherent beauty and dignity of all peoples. With live music sprinkled throughout by St. Paul Ballet musician & composer, Joe Strachan captures the essence of the season.

Artistic Director: Christina Onusko with Donald LaCourse (EDT) and Jinyu Zhou (CAAM)
Costumes: Christina Onusko & Ann Marie Ethen
Lighting Design: Kevin A. Jones
Set Design: Anne Henley
Choreography: Chris Onusko, Helen Hatch, Alejandra Innanoe, Laura Greenwell, Jill Lile, Emilia Garrido, Lirena Branitski, Andrea Conger (EDT), Evá Maria Kish (EDT)
Staging Assistance: Matthew Keefe & Alejandra Innanoe

Friday, Dec 1 at 7:00pm (Click on the image below and enter the password sent to you by email to view)

Saturday, Dec 2 at 2:00pm (Click on the image below and enter the password sent to you by email to view)

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Nutcracker ReImagined December 1 & 2, 2023
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