Dear students, families, and patrons,

We hope this note finds you healthy and safe. No one could have envisioned how life would change this year but that doesn’t mean we cannot keep our community connected. We continue to work on how we can move together safely during this time of caution.

We remain committed to equity and inclusiveness, especially for those who are marginalized, and understand that the pandemic will hit some in our community harder than others. Closures of non-profits have a profound effect on the financial health of artists and children in our program.

Our organization is a non-profit and our staff are hourly employees. Please consider a DONATION at this time to “keep the lights on” and supplement our staff.  Their contribution to the vitality of our lives is hard to quantify: beautiful movement and music sparks our imaginations, gives us meaning, helps us understand our world and gives us great personal satisfaction. 

In-studio classes resumed February 6, 2021. We have been following all state pre-cautions for covid. Your health, both physically and mentally is our utmost concern. 


When coming for class:

  • If you do not feel well, please stay home.
  • Do not plan to arrive earlier than 10-15 minutes before the start of class.
  • There is no waiting area. Only those taking class will be allowed in the studios during class time.
  • Don’t forget your face mask. All staff and dancers are required to wear a face mask into the space and in class, no exceptions.
  • Please use hand sanitizer or wash your hands, when entering and leaving the space.
  • We are not currently planning to take temperatures as you enter the space, however you will be given a short symptomatic questionnaire upon entering.
  • The drinking fountain will not be accessible. The bottle filler is open. Be sure to bring a water bottle to class.
  • Any water bottles left after class will be immediately discarded.
  • Come dressed for class if possible. Bathrooms will be limited to only a few people at a time and there may be a line.
  • Please only bring the minimum items necessary for class. Avoid large dance bags.
  • Bring your personal belongings into the studio, to your place at the barre, where they are to remain for the duration of class.
  • Only those dancers working at portable barres will move their belongings to the back of the room, for center work.
  • Only shoes are to be stored in the cubbies outside of the studios.
  • Please use social distancing when storing/picking up shoes.
  • For proper social distance spacing, the floor is marked as starting placements for center work. 
    Groups will be smaller in size, relative to the movement of combinations. Available barre positions are marked with red tape.


Maintaining social distance requirements in classes:

  • Studio barres and floors will be taped off to identify at least 6’ distancing between dancers.

Maintaining small class sizes:

  • In-studio class size will be capped at 50% of capacity as of April 1, 2021 :
  • Studios 2 and 3: maximum of 10 dancers 
  • Studio 4: maximum of 12 dancers
  • All classes will require pre-registration and payment online, no drop-in classes
  • Due to class size restrictions, pre-registered/reserved spaces must be paid for at the time of registration
  • There is a no refund policy  for ‘no show’, if a class spot is reserved

Overall disinfecting of space/ studios:

  • Studio floors washed down with disinfectant
  • HVAC and Ventilation: Our HVAC was brand new last Fall and is up to current building code. The units on average exchange the air in our spaces at least 3-4 times per hour. If the outside temperatures do not vary more than a few degrees from inside temps, exchange can be as much as 10x per hour.

    Our 22’ ceilings and large floor area give our studios a large cubic volume and air flow is directed across the ceilings and drops down the walls to avoid creating a draft affect. This is important as it directs the airflow away from people which can increase aerosols from individuals spreading to others.

Sanitizing studios between classes:

  • All barres, doorknobs and light switches will be wiped down with a disinfectant

Bathroom Cleaning protocols:

  • Foot pulls have been installed on the bathroom doors so they can be opened without hand touching
  • Bathrooms are cleaned each day

Taking temperature before entering space:

  • We are currently taking temperatures as you enter the space. We may also return to giving a short symptomatic questionnaire upon entering.

Washing Hands/ Hand Sanitizer

  • We encourage hand washing, or using hand sanitizer when entering and leaving the space
  • Hand sanitizer will be located in multiple locations around the facility including in each studio

Wearing Face Masks:

  • All staff and dancers will be required to wear face masks when entering the space and throughout classes. If you find that your face mask gets very wet during class please bring additional masks to change them out.

Wearing Gloves:

  • Wearing gloves will not be a requirement of staff or dancers.

Having security present to enforce policies:

  • We will be doing our part to watch and remind everyone who enters the space of the policies we have set in place.  The health and well-being of our community is of the upmost importance.