Saint Paul Ballet’s vision is to lift the human spirit through the art of ballet.

Saint Paul Ballet’s mission is to perform a vibrant repertory with a passion for the highest level of excellence, provide the finest dance education and reduce barriers to involvement in the art of dance.

Today’s dancer can do more than ever and choreographers are embracing the new fluid boundaries of ballet. Whatever 21st century ballet becomes you can be sure it will be deep and wide and rich as it always has been and Saint Paul Ballet wants to be part of its evolution. The technical foundation of professional dancers springs from a deep love of classical ballet. They are masters of ballet’s universal language and its countless nuances which brings integrity to their contemporary work. As they extend their movement vocabulary they hope to stir our souls and articulate the resplendent as well as the relevant.

We strive to create a nurturing environment in which the student’s individual development is supported. The pre-professional program provides students with exceptional clarity and strength while encouraging a life-long love of dance and healthy body image. Live accompaniment, enrichment in modern and character dance along with promotion of health and well-being complete the training.

Students enrolled in the pre-professional program build the foundation for college-level programs, conservatory or a professional career. Over 100 students each year are trained in the Vaganova-based progressive curriculum augmented by modern dance and other genres to create the well-rounded dancer. The training is divided into levels appropriate to the age, maturity and dance expertise of each student. Auditions are required for placement and progressive advancement is based on strength, physical development and mastery.

Engagement and Outreach
There is no substitute for actively participating in art. At first glance the biggest barriers to participation seem to be location (transportation) and cost. At St. Paul Ballet we have the good fortune of residing just three blocks off the Greenline LRT in St. Paul. We hold recreational classes and offer the first class free with subsequent convenient drop-in classes at affordable rates.  But we have found that a welcoming, non judgmental atmosphere is the most critical factor in participation. St. Paul ballet celebrates inclusiveness and values all body types.

The recreational program at the School of SPB serves an additional 300 students and their families in our community through music and movement programs for young dancers ages 4-6, beginning ballet for ages 7-11 and ballet on a drop-in basis for teens and adults who enjoy exercise in its most elegant form.
SPB also serves the broader population of St. Paul and Minneapolis through:
• Saint Paul Public Schools Community Education
• Free public performances at the Landmark Center monthly and at Toddler Tuesdays, Mall of America semi-annually
• Tickets to performances provided to school children and their families in partnership with Project Success which provides transportation and childcare removing the biggest obstacles to families attending dance performances.

Saint Paul Ballet is a 501(c)(3) organization.