Our work on equity has only begun.

Dear students, families, donors, patrons and the community,

St. Paul Ballet is fully committed to fostering a community that is inclusive for all dancers. We acknowledge and condemn the inequalities that separate the powerful from the powerless. Specifically, we acknowledge the systems of power that have successfully executed generations of trauma and pain in communities of color. We are aware that systems of inequity have been built to discriminate based on race, ability, gender, sexual orientation, and age. We know that these structures of injustice continue to harm our community members at the governmental, organizational, and individual level. We acknowledge that legislation has been created to dismantle systemic injustices, but that is not enough.

At St. Paul Ballet we recognize our impact on all stakeholders of our organization — dancers, teachers, parents, and donors. We, as a community, seek to dismantle inequity at St. Paul Ballet and beyond the walls of our studio. It is our responsibility to address these issues and set the standards for all ballet studios in our community. At St. Paul Ballet we commit to dismantling all barriers, so we can embrace the depth of diversity that our community has to offer. 

As a community we will continue to examine our progress and work to fulfill our commitment. Please join us in this commitment and track our progress.

Lori Gleason, Executive Director
Christina Onusko, School Director
and the Staff of St. Paul Ballet

Please watch here and in our communications as we bring this critical dialog forward.

St. Paul Ballet does not discriminate in admissions, employment or student enrollment on the basis of race, creed, sex or national origin.


Since 2013, SPB has taken intentional steps to advance our mission to make ballet accessible and welcoming to all dancers. But this is not enough. The events of 2020 have illuminated the entrenched systems of inequity that have been built to discriminate based on race and have inflicted generations of trauma and pain in communities of color. At St. Paul Ballet we commit to speaking out against injustice and reinventing all aspects of our training by listening to the voices of our community and respecting each and every student. We wish to be part of the solution; nurturing artists for a creative and vibrant collective future.

Our Board, Administration, Teaching Artists and Musicians

We are committed to BIPOC representation and strive toward 40% overall. Currently, we are at 28% overall with our Board of Directors at 40%, administration at 40%, teaching artists at 20% and musicians at 0%.