This is the official launch of a short-term  $10,000 fundraising campaign to address exciting developments in SPB’s near future.  

There isn’t supposed to be a large empty space in the middle of SPB’s studios. 

To address the elephant-sized vacancy, SPB is excited (and healthily nervous!) to explore the possibility of a collaborative dance center with our long-time partners CAAM Chinese Dance Theater and Young Dance.  

Ballet Explorers is a bilingual introductory ballet workshop for ages 7-10 with a goal of $4,548.

Created and taught by Emilia Garrido Vasquez, teaching artist of St. Paul Ballet, this initiative serves to make ballet accessible to the children of marginalized neighborhoods in Saint Paul.

KEEPING US DANCING: Why Everyday Support Matters

for the ArtsGeneral operating donations in the arts are crucial for sustaining day-to-day operations, providing flexibility, and ensuring long-term stability. They support basic expenses, allow for artistic freedom, enable capacity building, and contribute to community impact by fostering creativity and cultural exchange. In essence, they are the lifeblood that keeps arts organizations thriving and able to fulfill their mission.

Please give generously.

Thank you to everyone!

"I support St. Paul Ballet because I believe in the mission of breaking down barriers to excellent dance education and performance and have seen the positive impact SPB has on our kids and our community. Together, we can break down physical, emotional, and intellectual barriers so that everyone feels welcome in ballet."

Sarah Leismer
Board Member

“St. Paul Ballet has and continues to demonstrate an appreciation and understanding for the ever-changing world around us and more specifically within the world of this amazing art form of ballet.
To that end, they have illuminated the importance of not only diversity, but of also inclusion, so that broader and larger audiences can begin to see themselves on stage; and in turn, embrace the richness, the depth and the ever-evolving state of American ballet...yes, indeed, St. Paul Ballet is on point!”

T. Mychael Rambo
Actor, Writer and Community Organizer

What is #GiveToThe Max Day?

The biggest giving day of the year to support nonprofits and schools all across Minnesota!
Join us on the 3rd Thursday in November for our online fundraiser. #GiveToTheMax is about the
power of our collective generosity and how it can make a difference for St. Paul Ballet and our community.