Friday, May 31 at 7:00pm
Saturday, June 1 at 2:00pm
The O’Shaughnessy

The O’Shaughnessy | 2004 Randolph Ave. | St Paul, MN 55105

Annual Spring Showcase!

What does Tchaikovsky have to do with a Western rodeo?

Find out on this ballet adventure featuring excerpts from Aaron Copland’s Appalachian Spring and Tchaikovsky’s The Sleeping Beauty.

This event is perfect for wiggly children and their art-loving adults. With sliding-scale General Admission tickets, why not bring the whole family?

Spring Showcase—one of SPB’s most anticipated events of the year­—features our youth company, the next generation of dancers.

Audiences are always amazed at the spectacle, storytelling, and elegance that SPB students bring to the stage. To add to an already delightful performance, enjoy original choreography by Helen Hatch, Christina Onusko, Sean Scantlebury and Penelope Freeh created with the dancers.

We invite you to join us for the annual spring performances and be introduced to the highly skilled dancers of the future. Nothing matches the boundless passion of young talent in live theater. You won’t want to miss this!

St. Paul Ballet offers PAY WHAT YOU CAN pricing. We ask everyone to pay what they believe the value of this performance is according to their current financial circumstances.

Some audience members are able to pay the suggested fair market value for tickets (suggested adult ticket $35) and even pay it forward by paying over the suggested price ($40 or $50).

Some audience members have a smaller budget but would like to bring their families, friends and children (minimum ticket price $5 and no fees are added if purchased at the box office). We wholeheartedly encourage this. All are welcome at our performances.



This one-act ballet depicts a day from 19th century American myth about life on a frontier ranch. Night gives way to morning as the ranch hands awaken to show off their skills to the rodeo girl. Boisterous gauchos, children, teens from town and even the ponies are swept up in the exuberant spirit inspired by Aaron Copland’s Americana flair.

A rollicking slice of life of a day at the Rodeo that is sure to get your hearts pumping and make you want to get up and dance! The younger dancers present choreography by teaching artists, Christina Onusko, Alejandra Iannone, Aloe Lui, and Hannah Pierce. Our guests are Ballet Explorers students an initiative of teaching artist Emilia Garrido Vasquez.


Excerpts curated and staged by Helen Hatch bring us the timeless classic virtuosity of variations and scenes from the ballet. The Garland Dance from Act 1 of the Princess’s 16th birthday, Precious Jewels from the wedding, and more. 


Modern and Contemporary choreography set on the dancers by choreographers Helen Hatch ‘First Light’, Sean Scantlebary, and Hannah Pierce and SPB’s advanced dancers
in a composition created under the direction of Penelope Freeh. Also, piano performance by one of SPB’s students, Yaqi Song and lighting design by Kevin Jones.


Penelope Freeh, a McKnight Artist, creates along with the dancers to develop their own voices during her year-long composition classes. Sean Scantlebary is a performer and choreographer. He danced with Eliot Feld in New York for ten years. Helen Hatch has had a busy year producing and performing in work for her own company, Hatch Dance as well as teaching year-round for St. Paul Ballet. She has built a body of work celebrated in a retrospective at the Cowles Center just one year ago.

Saint Paul Ballet is renowned for our training which provides youth with the tools, discipline, and skills to pursue a dance-filled life. SPB also offers a wide variety of Community classes for all ages. Even you, Boomers, so stop on by to give your plie a lift!


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