Interested in joining our pre-professional program? 

Come to placement class during the week of August 22:
For all new and returning students (Levels 3-6) observation will take place during classes. If you are not currently registered for an August session please call or email to arrange a single class:

(651) 690-1588  •  spb@spballet.org

Enrollment is ongoing throughout the school year.

Do you offer scholarships? Yes, we offer merit and need-based scholarships. Please complete the application and mail, email or bring it to our studios at: 655 Fairview Avenue N., St. Paul, MN 55104  
SPB_2021-22_Financial_Aid application

The Placement Class will include technique and pointe, and will be observed by St. Paul Ballet staff teaching artists.
Dancers should wear:
Black or solid color leotard, footed flesh-tone or pink tights, flesh-tone or pink ballet slippers and pointe shoes
Fitted white tee shirt, full-length black tights and black ballet slippers or ankle-length black tights, white ankle socks and white ballet slippers.
Dancer hair:
Hair should pulled neatly away from the face and up to accentuate the length of the dancer’s neck while preventing hair from distracting the dancer or teacher.

St. Paul Ballet studios
Fairview Business Center
655 Fairview Avenue N., St. Paul 55104
Free parking. 3 blks north of Fairview/University LRT stop. University Ave bus stops outside building on Fairview.